This blog post was from march… I’m confused that it never posted?

I realize I haven’t blogged in couple weeks, I just haven’t found time or energy. They have been full of being go-go-go, from class to library to running, falling in bed at 11, and waking up at 6. Among being busy, these weeks have also been full of joy among the snow and classes and routines. So many things I could write about, I guess I can start with things I am continually thankful for, the things that are still on my heart after these few weeks– my Casey-like and intentional decision to go to Holland two weekends ago, actually seeing stars on my walk home from Liz’s and smiling big and thanking Jesus, the wonderful and powerful ways in which the Lord works, the blessings that come from really talking with other people, when bible study concepts show up in conversations and in other verses, sharing prayers through texts, ending my weekends at Park church, whenever the sun comes out on my windy and cold runs, how 20-minute power naps are becoming a regular necessity, coffee as soon as I wake up, and wonderful Wednesday hospital visits that make me so happy and content and excited about how I am learning to actually become a physical therapist. 



2 weeks ago– Friday anatomy tests mean that anatomy consumes me all week long. I studied every second that I wasn’t in class or running or sleeping. All my SIB friends were going back to Holland for an alumni event with the new members. I wanted to go, but I was also stressed with school and I wanted the weekend to catch up on my other classes, do laundry, grocery shop, clean my apartment, and prepare for the following weekend when Emily was coming down. I wanted the weekend to relax and get organized. Then, Monica called me Friday because she was stranded at O’Hare airport, so she took a cab to my apartment and we had dinner and gelato and walked arm and arm, like we always do. I felt like God just plopped her here. Then I realized I was stupid and selfish and crazy to be choosing school and control and feeling settled over seeing some friends very dear to my heart. I made a Casey-like decision, a Shauna Niequist-like decision, and chose my friends.  Friends are more important than grades and feeling settled. Relationships are more important than feeling 110% productive. So, I went to Hope College. It was a SIB alumni event with the new members for their Greek Orientation, and I got to see my SIB family, my cousin family, my best-friend family, random other alumni I missed, my cousin Casey, and some people from my Guatemala trip last spring. Highlights– family dinner at City Vu, holding Emily’s hand, traveling with Danielle and Jake, having Casey drive over Sunday morning, and so much mama/baby time with Anne; catching up, sleeping in her big bed, and worshipping together at Engedi, and ending my 19 hours with our traditional bagel-date with our SIB family.




School is school. I love what we are learning, love my classmates, and love the location. This Friday evening I found myself exhausted after my week and taking a nap at 6 pm. Emily and Danielle were supposed to come to the city for a filling girls weekend, but they both got sick and didn’t come. I missed them so much, even though I had just seen them the week prior. I did get to see Danielle on Sunday because we both accidently were early to church! The little things. More news on stars–on my way home from bible study on Wednesday, I looked up, and saw stars stars stars. I almost cried. Something about the stars has become very real and holy to me. I love to consider how they are always there, but Chicago tends to block their view with light and pollution and clouds. So for the nights when skies are clear and stars are out, it takes my breath away by God’s creation. Reminds me of how present He is in my life as well, and how life-pollution like stress and worry can block my view of Him. This star concept that was brought up at Park a month or so ago, but it didn’t make me think about it until I got back from Cabo. Last night was Thursday Night Praise at Moody, and Liz and I were just so filled by the worship, grateful and thankful and in awe. Jesus is so here, so in this city, and in His presence is joy and peace. Can’t really describe it any other way. 




[sweet friendship mugs from dear amanda]



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