44 hours

Jen and I spent 44 hours together this weekend. We had no set plans, and we just kind of went with it. Jen taught me how she makes healthy waffles, kale shakes, and guacamole (all separate meals). We slept in and drank coffee and watched Gossip Girl and walked down Lakeshore to lay on the sand. We kind of planned on eventually getting our daily run in, but that didn’t happen, for two days. But that was okay, we told ourselves we needed two days to be lazy. Saturday night we had Mexican and margaritas and watched Sweet Home Alabama, Sunday we went on a long morning walk to brunch and got caught in the rain on the walk home. Our next logical step seemed to be to make more coffee and watch more gossip girl. We only parted because we both had separate plans for Sunday night church. Some pictures from our two days —








Now I’m home and it’s snowy! It’s nice to be home, but the snow is just too much.


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