second trimester.

The feeling of finishing up a trimester of physical therapy is like no other. The relief of finishing finals in undergrad– this is that times ten. Reflecting on my second trimester– it was fun and lovely things mixed in with pure, awful, overwhelming stress of school. This trimester was harder academically but easier transitionally. This place has become more and more my home, and I now have classmates than I would call my close friends than are who get me through school. Living alone isn’t so bad anymore, and I love living in the city. So that made these last few months easier, but the classes were so hard! The second-years told us “Yea second trimester sucks”. But they also said “You finished first trimester, that was the hardest one” when we finished last time. I am sensing this trend that every semester is hard. Among all the stress with school, what made this trimester not-so-bad was switching seats to behind Jen and Coley, when Jen turns around to my seat during every break, Sunday nights at Park church with my Hope community, Thursday night small group with Liz, Tuesday run club or whenever Scott and I run, days when the sun came out, Cabo San Lucas for a week with my mom, care packages from my mom, visits from Krissy and Virginia and Nessa, and my visits to Hope and GR. 

I think I like finals week. All week, I ran eight miles a day and slept eight hours each night and I found other places to study other than our depressing library. And now it’s over! And now we bar-crawl. In matching purple shirts. (Pictures to come).



This trimester started with sub-zero temperatures and two days of cancelled school, and it ended in 68 degrees and sunny. Seems fitting. After my practical I ran 8 miles along the lake in the sun, then laid at the beach for about an hour, taking time to rest as I was warmed by the sun.




Chicago, spring looks good on you. 


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