a million different and wonderful things

My weekend was the perfect mix of enjoying other’s company & getting some studying in. I got to catch up with my cousin from Georgia and a friend from undergrad, and they of course both asked how I like school and living in the city. I always say “I love it, but it’s just so hard”, because what else can I say. But thinking more about it, going to school and living here is a million different wonderful things.

It’s morning walks to school and cutting through the lobby of the hospital because it’s just that cold. Its carving my path down streets and under the bridge to get to the lake. It’s listening to worship music as I study and having it center me. It’s study groups and mnemonics and practicing skills on each other. It’s 6am alarms and pressing snooze, with my first task of the morning being turning on the coffee pot. It’s the tables and chairs of Panera that have been settings for prayers and studying and God conversations and deepening friendships. It’s ending my weekends at Park Church, with a row full of different people each weekend. It’s being so thankful for breaks every 50 minutes. It’s sharing thoughts and prayers and encouragement from IL and MI and OH and CO and South Korea. It’s trying to stay calm and cool about everything, but also getting the point of being overwhelmed and stressing out.  It’s being extremely proud of good grades and extremely disappointed in anything else. It’s continually working on the last one. It’s running north or south as far as I can and smiling at the beautiful skyline. It’s being on the lookout for stars on my walks home, and being very happy on clear nights. It’s skipping to and from Liz’s cozy apartment just down my street, filling up on His word and praying prayers for each other. So that is how Chicago is — both magical and mundane; both soul-filling and lonely; both encouraging and defeating. But for everything it is, and the in between, I am thankful. Thankful for this city, and stars, and friendships and phone conversations and pictures and discovering things about yourself.

I have an exam on the endocrine system in the morning, and lots of other things to do. But for some reason, I wanted to get my thoughts down. Currently just filled by people. Thank you Jesus. Theme for my week is to not stop talking to God about what is going on, and to also just TRUST. Something my mom tells and teaches me, (that God teaches me through her).


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