seeing stars


I knew Cabo would be a relaxing week in the sun, but I didn’t know that it would be so beautiful and refreshing, with deep blue water and four-cheese thin crust pizza and so much laughing with my mom. I love when places and situations and people surprise me and fill me in ways I wasn’t expecting. Cabo San Lucas was a morning sunrise over the Sea of Cortez, daily naps and studying on the beach, the sunset over the mountains, and nightly star-gazing, always finding the big (or little) dipper. I ran every morning down side streets and through the marina, and tried to run as far up or close to the water as I could, weaving in and out of other resorts and streets I found. I love when running takes me places that I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. One morning I climbed as high as I could up some twirling stairs and got a view of the Pacific Ocean.  On the last day, my mom and I had mutual sadness, partly because we really enjoyed each other’s company, and partly because we knew we were going back to negative temperatures. But more the former.[So thankful for our week together in the sun Mom!] I journaled in the sun for my last 30 minutes before we left, and I thanked God that I heard Him in the waves and felt Him in the sun. 



Our many dinner dates, post spanish coffee


The arch- from Sea of Cortez to Pacific OceanImage


Loved the view of the rocks




meg didn’t like the mojito I made her try



that water 




daily lunch at the ship



Last beach day pic 

I am continuing to learn that I don’t transition well. It was really hard to be back in Chicago. It was probably partly the cold, and the realization that I couldn’t see the stars. My mom got to come to Park with me for her second time, and we worshipped the Lord together until she left. I didn’t want her to go! Monday, both my mom and Emily and Casey texted me something to the matter of “hang in there”, because they knew how it would be hard for me. But by Tuesday I had bounced right back– because I love school! Seriously. I love it. Even though as I write this I have another three-test week ahead of me that I still need to study for, I love what I am learning. I also love running long in this city, or just being able to run with classmates and get outside in the crisp air during lunch. We started our field trips to hospitals this week, and I loved being whisked from room to room with the physical therapist and I kept thinking “I can’t wait until this is me”. But I am not there yet. I am sooooo not there yet. So for now, it is Saturday night library nights and going straight from the library from class and trying not to get overwhelmed but still getting overwhelmed. The physical therapists we met Wednesday told us they know how we feel and how hard it is, and to just keep pushing. So that is where I am. Valentine’s Day was this Friday, and I spent it with Jen and Ryan in his apartment with windows as walls. Our “dinner study break” turned into an indefinite study break, which was fine with the three of us. We turned on Good Will Hunting and I fell asleep and woke up when it was over. (Falling asleep during movies is my favorite). As I walked home at 1 am I looked up and saw three bright stars and they made me really happy. Maybe because it was less cloudy and the city was asleep, but they made me smile as I walked. It is the little things.

I couldn’t be getting through without my friends and family and Jesus. Liz and I are getting further into Romans, talking through the hard stuff, and praying through our Chicago-lives of school and Jesus and relationships and family and expectations and unspoken rules and missed truths. New theme is don’t stop talking to God about what you’re going through/thinking/hoping/wondering. Just keep praying. Your prayers are a response to Him calling. 


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