More than just survived my week! Three exams done, and I feel good about them. I don’t feel amazing about them, but I feel like I learned a lot and am still learning, and am proud and confident in myself. I think that is what PT school is. A second-year (who was my fake patient), told me that from here on out I can either stress more or relax more and use confidence in myself for future practicals, since they will get harder. Wonder which one I will be? This next week we have no class, because every physical therapy school in the nation has this week off of classes for CSM (not even sure what it stands for), but it is a week of research presentations in Las Vegas. For my free week, I told my mom we should go somewhere warm, and she picked Cabo. We are leaving in the morning. The week will be full of sun and running and beach studying, Yes, beach studying, because yes, I have the entire lower limb to learn everything about. Which I don’t mind, because I love what I’m learning in classes — the muscles, what they do, how to test them, how to move patients, and how to analyze patients charts in the hospital setting. Love love love, even though it’s a lot and can be overwhelming, I’m super-thankful for school. I love that walking to school means walking through the streets of Chicago. I also love that my mom is here and we are going to spend time together all week! That is all.


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