expect Him to show up




I wrote this last sunday and never added pictures until today. So this is for last week:

Two weeks down. Today we had the day off of classes for MLK, so it was a three-day weekend. I got LOTS of reading, studying, and assignments finished. Saturday I studied in the library with Kali. It felt like we were in a snowglobe, and we closed the library down at 6 pm, and had soup at Panera and talked for three hours about school and God and relationships. Such a good day. I got to run long on Sunday, and found myself so thankful for strong legs, clear paths and as always, the Chicago skyline. Janessah has moved to Chicago, and I brought her to Park with me on Sunday. Another filled row and another message from the Sermon on the Mount. He talked about salt and light, about being spiritually healthy, and about responding to those spontaneous, spiritual nudges. That is something I have definitely been thinking about lately– following Jesus in every moment, inviting Him in (or letting Him come in) to more areas of my life, and feeling Him show up.

Now for my week recap– We started goniometry and manual muscle testing this week. I am awkward with the goniometer and found myself frustrated! So hard, but I know I will get better every time, and I just need to practice. Thursday some of us girls went to a free Barre fitness class at 6:15 am. So early! But so fun, especially starting my morning with them, walking down Michigan avenue in the dark on the way to the class, and in the light on our way back. Thursday bible study could not have been more powerful or filling or comforting. We tackled Romans 7 and found ourselves thankful and in awe. Can’t even explain or describe! God is so good. I met my classmate Kristen Friday morning before school. We both realized we knew way less about physiology than we thought, as we packed up to skip to class, and I asked her if she just wanted to pray quick. And we took a moment and she said this beautiful prayer about peace and serenity, and for that moment we just were still and had eyes on the Lord. So thankful. Moments like that where I couldn’t stop smiling or thanking God.



weekend long-runs


cozy mornings, coffee & the word, (both needed)



thursdays– bible study & worship night with liz




runs-at-lunch (i run as far as I can in 40-50 minutes)



[gotham city]





sunday night sunset, [His glory]





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