exhausted on the reg

This week was good & filled & exhausting. I feel like I literally fell into bed every single night. I tend to have so much go-go-go energy, and then eventually I crash, like I did Friday afternoon in the library. Wednesday I went with some girls to the same barre class as last week, but this time it was in a heated room, called Barre Burn, of course. So hot and I was so sore, but I loved it! Doing another barre class tomorrow morning. Anyways, my week was good. I found joy and encouragement in the little things, like my cozy bed & coffee & run club on the wrong day & a podcast by Shauna Niequist on psalm 16 & classmates who make me laugh. [You can listen to Shauna’s wise words here:  http://media.willowcreek.org/midweekexperience/psalm-16/]  For bible study we read through Romans 8 and talked and prayed then fell asleep for an hour on Liz’s bed. I think that defines the effects of grad school on the three of us. In anatomy lab I uncovered both the sciatic and saphenous nerve all by myself, which was so great because I am not usually the one that carefully and beautifully dissects, and it made me happy. Lillian was in the city for her sister’s bridal dress shopping so I got to see her and her family at dinner. So refreshing to see her and her family. Our time together was way too short, but still sweet. Today I met Jen at school and we covered all the goniometry material in about six hours. Thankful for friends to study and practice with!

theme for the week —


NU law campus, walking through


lillian to the rescue


morning run sunset





I continue to be surprised and grateful at how much I love this place and these people, even when I am exhausted and a little nervous for the following three-test week. Pity & encouragement & confidence are needed and appreciated.


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