three day week and 312

Short post– because I am currently not understanding the renal system. I’m writing this post relaxed and in love with Chicago and school. Maybe its the city, or the new classes, or the middle-of-the-day walks to Starbucks, or the runs by the water. Or maybe it was also because of the three-day week and free happy hour with professors and classmates and prospective students on Friday. My weekend was full of classmates and running and studying and happiness. I had lunch with my cousin and we talked about our upcoming semesters and being busy and balancing and I am so thankful to have a cousin also in grad school just a few blocks away for a few times a week. My weekend ended at Park with a row filled with college friends and grad school friends, filling music and a wise and challenging sermon. The weather went from negative temperatures to high-30’s and sunny. I have run eight miles a day for the past three days. Today I ran north, and finished my run getting closer and closer to the skyline as the sun was setting. In school, we are learning much more hands on skills, like goniometry and manual muscle testing and bed mobility. My research group for the next two years met today, and we talked about the possibilities of where to go with it, and I was excited and ready for this next big thing. Thankful. Thankful. Now I have some physiology to get back to. 





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