Christmas break has consisted of sleeping until 11 am, seeing either Lill or Katy or Cole, and eating out and watching Christmas movies with my mom. My mom has every Hallmark movie down. Thursday night Lillian came over to make peppermint bark, and for no reason we stayed up until 3 am. We talked about everything, drank Pinot Grigio, ate the peppermint bark, and she showed me her yoga strength. We ended our night looking at our prayer study book, and opened to the chapter that we pray because we are called to prayer. We pray because God puts it on our hearts to pray. Such a filling and unexpected night. Went to sleep with such a full heart, because God IS so good and shows up all over. Friday morning we began our day with coffee and yoga and Elf. Cole and Katy joined us, and it was another day of lounging around and relaxing. Words from the book:

The scripture tells us that God is awakening desires, initiating spiritual hunger, creating in His children the inclination to seek Him. The Bible tells us that the need we feel that causes us to turn to God – the inner compulsion to pray- is really a response to God’s now-speaking voice. [Living a Praying life, Jennifer Dean Kennedy, page 62]











Another thing– God is so good. The other night, I was having a wave of being sad about my dad and everything that happened there. My cousin Casey randomly texted me. She sent a quote along with her own wise words and said she felt that God had put my name in her heart. Her quote from her devotional:

“Patience is born of a belief that God is good and that you will someday see His goodness exposed in a hundred unexpected ways. Endurance is born of a bedrock trust that you are deeply loved by the Father, and he delights in surprising you
with His grace.”

Such comfort and hope came from her texts. Yes, I am going though hard things, but God showed up and continues to show up. I think that is Jesus, peace and understanding from Him. That is Jesus. And we are to be Jesus to each other, by encouragement and words to others. So grateful.



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