baby steps

Just wanted to do a quick update to stay on my blogging once a week thing! Once I am done with the trimester, I will blog about my week home for Thanksgiving– it was so great. My mom and I had so much fun, we listened to Levi Britton play, we laughed non-stop at Thanksgiving, and danced the night away on Friday with Lillian and her family. I am back in the city with lots of my favorite leftovers from my mom. Chicago is all lit up and decorated for Christmas, which makes me happy. My mom got to come to church with me this morning before she drove home. Such a great week.

Now back to PT school, week 12! Finishing up classes and labs and prepping for finals week. My dear friend Emily told me yesterday to pray for baby steps from the Lord. Baby steps and His lead, not mine, in my next steps. Baby steps in school, baby steps in relationships, baby steps in my everyday life! I love her words. Also, my cousin Eric is ENGAGED! Happiness for them, God is so good!

I have a full heart. Because really, Jesus tells us two things: that His love is strong, and that He loves us.

Thankful, grateful, hopeful.







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