coming home

Last week of classes before break. Done with 11 weeks of pt school, and I have now decided that physiology is currently not my favorite, and kinesiology and anatomy are. After anatomy lab on Tuesday, a little group of us went to a bar for dinner and drinks and we actually quizzed each other on nerve innervations and muscle attachments the whole time. Kristen and I ate red velvet crinkle cookies for our weekly study-Panera date on Wednesday, and Thursday we practiced patient screens in class. Friday I got on my first Megabus to GR, and sat by a nice girl who was my age and on her way to Detroit. Thank the Lord for nice bus buddies! My mom picked me up in GR and we caught up on the rest of our drive up north. She had my favorite sandwiches and chocolate covered cherries in the car for me, and she drove me straight to meet up with Amanda and Lillian downtown. I had instant tears and was so overjoyed to be back in their presence. We drank champagne and danced at the top of the park.

My house is warm and cozy and filled with pumpkin cake. Also, IT SNOWED. A lot. Everything is white and beautiful. I forgot what it is like to run on snowy sidewalks. Courtney and Ken and Kassandra came over last night for dinner, and we laughed so hard around our table. I love being home!


Christmas tree finding with Lillian and my mom, our tradition.

Snowy cedar lake love.

Lillian to the rescue.


Runs by the water.


Lots of studying went on. Thankful I can draw on myself. Those are tendons.


Downtown TC adventures.

Dancing with Lillian and her family all night.



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