so blessed

So blessed. Such a good week in one million different ways. I do not even know where to begin. But I want to remember it all. God is so good. I’ll try to go in order.

Monday was beautiful for three reasons, a long-ish run, snow, and girls night. An extra half-hour before lunch break meant I got to go on an hour-long run. Walked out of an oh-my-gosh-that-was-the-hardest-test-ever physiology exam, and it started SNOWING. Pretty white snowflakes drifting between buildings. Out in Lincoln Park that night we had a girls wine and (deep dish) pizza night, and the snow stuck to the ground. Was so filled! 



Wednesday, afternoon off of classes, and I made my own little study corner: whiteboard, iPad, skeleton. Met Kristen at Panera for our weekly dinner date, and we talked through every nerve in our arm. Thursday, vegetable stew made by Liz and Katie, Romans 4, community prayer and worship, hearts filled so much by the Holy Spirit. We talked about letting go of control and having faith just like Abraham. God told Abraham that Sarah would conceive a son, and Abraham’s faith in God was not weakened, even though Abraham and Sarah were both so old, and even though Sarah was barren.  Abraham had hope and trust. I feel like that sometimes we may be like “Okay God, but look at this circumstance…”. I trust you God, BUT, come on school is really hard, did you know that? Or, I trust you God, but why didn’t that relationship work out? Can’t it just work out. Can’t this just happen? I know you said this, but it doesn’t really seem or feel like it will happen. It is all about faith. Like Abraham. We prayed hard for this on Thursday night. 




Friday was a string of pearls. Class, Starbucks studying, dinner with classmates, visiting another classmate, and ending my night catching up with Monica. Saturday was NU vs U of M football game, and my classmate has free tickets since her parents bought season tickets, so a little group of us got to go! It was fun to cheer on my own team as Big 10, and our seats were covered so we didn’t get rained on. NU so almost won, but then Michigan got a field goal in the last few seconds to tie up the game. Three overtimes later, after a touchdown-touchdown, field goal-field goal pairing, Michigan scored a final touchdown and NU didn’t. Such an intense game at the end! After the game I met some college friends downtown for margaritas and nachos. Once again, so great to see them!






Today the sky got dark at there was a tornado south of us that skipped over Chicago, but the storm was crazy! A classmate and I ran out of the library to watch the storm from the 17th floor of a friend, and we ran barefoot through pouring rain. I dropped my ballet flat in the middle of the street as we were running. I took this picture once the blue sky came out. Chicago, I love you.


My week ended at Park church, so filled by the songs and the sermon and the prayer. Reflecting on my week, it was SO great, because of the people. Such great people. This place is really becoming my home. I love that this week was less about school and more about everything else. Really great to take a step back and enjoy life and Chicago and to be thankful for everything and not focus on feeling defeated (done with week 10!). God ordains transitions, and God is so so so good. One more week here until I have a week off to go home and see family and cousins and friends. Yay. So much to be thankful for. 


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