Hebrews 12:12 “strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees” (trying and wanting to!)

Week 8. There’s no such thing as an easy week. So much to know and learn and apply. It’s hard. I’m discouraged and overwhelmed and still worn. Trying to stay positive and not doubt myself.

My mom came for the weekend
Got to see my XC team run (so great to see Julia and Katie, my girlsssssss I always ran with)
Ran the hot chocolate 15 K with a classmate
J crew outlet shopping
What were learning IS very cool, and very PT (we’re analyzing gait and posture, now I start to analyze people on the street)
I love park community church
Friends and family and cousins are holding me up
Scripture texts connecting me with loved ones (and holding me up and together and centered) in TC East Lansing Mt. Pleasant Holland Grand Rapids Cleveland (Chicago too)
Heart-filling dinner with my mom and Kinsey

Working on not being completely defeated by grad school. I know The Lord does not want us tired as zombies or in auto-pilot. I am working on getting rest, and studying efficiently, as well as making time for study breaks and at least studying with groups is better. Last week I went to Lincoln Park on Wednesday night to bake cookie-Reece’s-brownie cupcakes with a classmate for the Halloween potluck. I got less studying done than or normal, but friend-time is always more important. Working on appreciating what I am learning, what I get to learn, and remembering how badly I wanted PT school! I know I am in the right place, with the right people (although still missing missing missing my friends and family), and that God is here with me, going before me and in people I meet. Thankful that He meets me where I am.









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