school is really really really hard

Week 7. The 6.5 week mark was Wednesday, which makes this the halfway point of the trimester! This was our “hell week”, and I just studied anatomy all week. On Monday, the second-year PT students did a mock practical for us. It was so nice of them and they made it fun. Each station was a minute long, and every minute there was a new song, like a power-hour but for cadavers instead of drinking. One of the nerdiest things I could say–This week I bought colored pens to draw things out with, which helped a lot with studying. My fake interview went well, EXCEPT I forgot to ask my patient her hobbies and concerns, and at the end I blanked and said out loud “I think I am forgetting something…”. Yea. So up until the end, it was great. Lillian let me pretend she was my patient and we skyped Wednesday night till 12:30 am. She told me the pain felt like a bunch of stiletto heels in her back.

 I love Thursdays. They mean time with Liz and Moody, and this time it finally worked out for Danielle to join. I met her at the red line stop and we walked a mile in the cold, to Park Church, just talking talking talking, filling each other in, and how we can’t believe how cold it is for October. I wore my big North Face. But at least it didn’t snow– it snowed in Holland today. Anyways, we met Liz at Park Church for worship night and then went to TNP (Thursday night praise) at Moody, and afterwards we talked and prayed for each other in sincerely with our whole-hearts. Prayer with friends feels like you’re being held up by them, surrounded by them and filled with God’s love. Then Danielle spent the night and we were cozy in my bed in my cold little room. So beyond grateful for having her near me and that she comes to the city. So blessed by my Christian community here, although it is small, it is refreshing and filling and beautiful.


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