on being worn and being filled

This week (week 6) I’ve been worn. With a physiology test on Friday, that meant my whole week was physiology-centered. Class tends to be so tiring and exhausting, it just does! I had great study groups all week, talking things out and drawing things out, making up little sayings like babies love chloride and NCAM is like an SOS from the muscle to the nerve. I learned something new just minutes before the test (oops). I felt like I was prepared, and I was, but still little things are just so detail-y. This unit was taught in three different topics by three different professors and it really wore me out. Anyways, I know I did fine, and its over. BUT note to self: don’t forget anything, because grad school is cumulative.

Wednesday was our last hospital field trip day. No car sickness, out-loud studying as we drove, lunch at Panera, and pumpkin patch and dinner on the way home made for a very sweet Wednesday. Our little group of three talked about how happy we were to all be put together for these field trips. Thursday, Salome came into the city for a quick visit. I hadn’t seen her since June. She joined Liz and I for our Thursday bible study and prayer night, and we caught up quick and got to spend time in the word, in the Lord’s truth and wisdom, and open our hearts to each other and Him. It was not a long enough visit, but more of those to come since she lives so close!

Friday, I discovered the wonderful place called Trader Joe’s. The cutest little grocery store. I am going there every time now. Friday night I had a relaxing wine and movie night with two girls in my class up in Lincoln Park. We laughed and talked until 1 am, and freaked out that Bridesmaids had some scenes of Chicago in it.  I forgot how cute Lincoln Park is. I went on a long run back to Lincoln Park because I wanted to see more and more of it. I ran through the Lincoln Park Zoo, and took pictures of any tree I saw that was orange or red. It was one of those runs where I seriously could have run forever.

So this week I realize I was worn and filled. What wore me out– stress and anxiety and not feeling good enough or enough. What filled me — friends and relaxing and the Lord and laughter. I want to choose to be filled and not worn, or at least let what fills me to continually fill me, and to let what wears me down to have less of an effect on me. It is to hard to not get scared or afraid or worried of the uncertain, or by having lots to do, but I also know it is hard to not let yourself rest, and how important rest is. It is also so important to walk with the Lord at all times, and be a friend and a sister and a daughter. So in this time of confusion and uncertainty, I choose to be filled, by Jesus and His love, and His people, these people in my class, and friends and family hours away, to be filled by community and laughter and be grateful when it happens.

Grateful, grateful, grateful. Heart currently full. Did I mention my upcoming week– anatomy exam and anatomy lab practical exam on Friday, with a watched and graded white-coat legit interview on Thursday. Big week. Guess who comes Friday? Virginia, Katy, Morgan, Danielle, and Monica. Yes. All of them. In the City. With me.


Side note: Tuesday mornings are Farmer’s Markets. This is on my walk to class. IMG_5425

Last day at the hospital


Took this while riding in the car.


So happy we stopped here !


Nothing like TC pumpkin patch, but it will do.


The pumpkin I bought. Simple decor.



Salome in the city


Hello city, from Lincoln Park


zebra friends


Lincoln Park Zoo


Love you Chicago


Fall tree !


Fall tree with a color filter. Magic of instagram


This week fall became fall.


Half green still. It is trying to change colors.


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