I never have appreciated homecoming this much until I came back for my first one, as alumni. Homecoming always meant getting to see my graduated sib family, but now I was graduated sib family, and so was Emily and Danielle and Monica and Virginia and Jenna. We all came back, being filled by seeing some of our favorite people, surrounded by hugs and laughing and pure happiness. So I skipped a class on Friday to get here on time! I skipped a class. In grad school, yes. And I still do not understand the material that was covered that day, but that is not the point of this post. I came into Holland and ran to my little baby (Anne) crying tears of happiness. It felt so good and so natural to sit on her bed and talk, (as well as crying hugging each other, since that always happens). Then I went to meet Katy, so we walked and met each other in the middle, and I picked her up and swung her around. We walked through the pinegrove and talked before we had to part ways for the night. Then I got to spend time with our beautiful SIB family and see other long-lost SIBs at Alpen Rose, and then Caboose. I was sad and territorial over my old house, and it felt so right to be dancing in that kitchen again. Casey and I had such a fun night– we were out until 3. That is the most unlike-me-thing-to-do, but when you are surrounded by such great people in one place, you just have to stay out that late. Saturday began with Virginia knocking at our door, and we walked to Good Earth with Anne and Katy. Katy and I spend the day laying in Anne’s bed, and Saturday night we had “best friend family dinner” at 84 East, one of our favorite Holland restaurants. That night I was there as the XC bus pulled up, and saw my teammates and coaches. I got some Julia and Katie time (no picture, oops), and we talked and talked, catching up and filling each other in.  Sunday I got to see the new Engedi Church, and some mission trip friends. Anne and I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and made a library trip and got LJs right before I left with Forrest.  Image

SIB family, I love you. (missing Krissy and Ali)


Selfie in the downstairs Caboose bathroom, like always.Image

Our hairs blend together.


Cousin time all weekend

It didn’t even feel like I was visiting. It felt so natural (and wonderful) to be with these people. So so wonderful. Such a filling weekend. So grateful for my Hope College and SIB and XC community.


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