happy one month


October 9 marked my one-month of being in PT school. More eight-to-five days than last week, and harder material made this week just a little tough. Mentally and physically exhausting. The mundane hour long drive to our field trip placement (that was most likely going to make me carsick again) made me dread Wednesday. But I was reminded how the ordinary and mundane and blah can be transformed in beautiful ways, which this was. We went a different way, which meant a slower drive, but a smoother drive. I love seeing caring therapists and my heart went for one in particular patient. We got frozen yogurt afterwards and took a different way home that led us by a pumpkin patch (where we are stopping next week), and through the beautiful town of Evanston, where NU undergrad is. We came back into the city down Lakeshore drive, and I found myself thankful for our little adventure, even though it was long. It really is the little things. Cadaver lab got complicated and confusing, and by Friday morning, I was not looking forward to it. But my dread became delight as we saw so much in the body that we had just learned about in lecture. Every little thing, even the tiny white ramus comunicantes and the valves in the heart and direction of the muscle fibers– all there and all so cool. We also listened to Pandora station Summer Hits of the 90s, which put us all in a very chill mood. I left lab thankful for my wonderful group and helpful professors and classmates.  Our week ended with such a fun Friday night. It was one of those things where I was having so much fun that I was out until 2! We found ourselves at the bar that I went to with Em and Danielle, el Hefe.  Confetti was blowing everywhere, and we drank amaretto sours and danced and laughed and went home with hurting feet. There was a piece of purple confetti still in my hair when I got home.

So it has been a month. Also, it still isn’t fall here. Some trees are yellow-ish, but nothing like fall in Northern Michigan or West Michigan. Anyways. I am reminded that when I first moved here, everything felt so new and lonely. But my classmates are becoming my friends, little by little, class by class, lab by lab. I can look across the aisle and have my classmate say “This is torture”, and hear someone else say “I stopped listening at 8:30 this morning”. Both comments just make me laugh.  We  help each other and encourage each other and we do have fun.

And when I find myself a little worn, I am reminded to rest in the Lord and allow Him to fill me. He sustains.




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