tests and hospital visits

Week four of PT school– physiology and anatomy tests back to back, and our first Health Care Field Trip. After our anatomy exam on Tuesday, we all walked to cadaver lab, and went out for a much-needed drink right after. We took over a local pub and it was so fun. For every Wednesday in October, we are all sent out to inpatient and outpatient settings. It is a nice break from classes, but my setting is really far away and I got carsick on the way there and back. Week four went by quickly and my first two tests went well! My mom sent me chocolate covered cherries and Starbucks gift cards that made my week even better. In a class discussion on Thursday, my group made up the best active listening/I statement, so we got a blue star. Yes, that is a thing in grad school– I statements. Very important to use active listening and I statements. (: Friday I made the right decision to skip out on just one class to leave early for Hope College for homecoming weekend! I will blog out about that in a new post, but to sum it up in a few words, it was wonderful and it filled me with love.


My favorite view of the city




Night runs



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