Reasons why I love physical therapy school:

it’s socially acceptable to study on a Friday night. (it was actually socially UNacceptable to be doing anything other than studying, especially this Friday night)

Study groups are the greatest thing to happen to studying. So are white boards.

I got to cut into the spinal cord.

We still play Jeopardy as a review game in grad school.

I run in the sun by the water at lunch. It rejuvenates me more than caffeine.

IMG_5311 IMG_5312

For the next four Wednesdays, we have little “Health Care Field Trips” where we visit physical therapy places. I am at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital !!!

Tuesdays is “Run Club”, where we all run together, first years, second years, and professors.

My kinesiology professor casually told me that she can tell I understand in class because of my face. (okay!)

I live in Chicago.

I live by Forest and John and Al and Danielle, and we can do fun things like go to White Sox games on a Thursday.



More specifically, an update of week three: Friday we were paired up with a classmate to interview each other physical therapist and a patient. It was videotaped– white coats in all. It is super-cool if you think about it, but we were all nervous and wondering why we had to do it. But it really helped start the process of developing natural interview skills, and things to do and not to do. When I asked my “patient” what medications she was taking, I replied with “That’s a lot of meds!”, and sometimes I just answered her “Okay”, as I hurried to write things down and focus on keeping in the interview going. Not good, not good. But it was fun, and I am learning. Watching myself, I was laughing.

We also cut into the spinal cord on Friday. We cut all the muscles off of the vertebral column, and chiseled away at the lamina of each vertebre in the thoracic region, revealing the spinal cord. So so so cool. Besides the fact that seeing a spinal cord is amazing, it is also of great interest to me since I want to work with spinal cord and brain injuries, and it is crazy to see how much happens from that little cord!

First two tests are Monday-Tuesday, physiology and anatomy! I may be over-studying.

Thankful for going to such a great school and thankful that I love it. Even more thankful that I will be going to Hope for homecoming on Friday to fill my heart with some of my favorite people in SUCH a special place.


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