my second week.


It doesn’t feel like I have been in school for only two weeks– it feels like longer. Week 2 was less-overwhelming as things became a little more familiar and routine. My anatomy and physiology classes are layering on top of each other, and everything we are learning from day one is making more sense.  This week we started our first labs, a biomechanical analysis lab and a palpation lab. Biomechanics lab was very hands-on, we used force plates and an app called Ubersense where we recorded an isometric contraction and measured the angle of the knee to calculate the resulting force and torque. So so cool.  Palpation lab was palpating (touching and feeling) our classmates, learning how to feel these muscles and bones and ligaments that we learn about, but from the outside. This was so new and different and exciting because we are learning how to feel as physical therapists feel. It is a skill that we will get better and better at. Anatomy lab starts this week. Side note, the idea of actually becoming a physical therapist seems so so far away. I just want to remember what this feels like and I wonder if it will go by fast or slow. An update on the window-washing, it must be a once a month, for a week, thing, because the washers haven’t come since week one.

This weekend, was full of studying, but still so sweet. I stumbled into a study group on Friday, and we took turns teaching and explaining about the immune system. Group studying is the best way to study, although I know nothing can top my undergrad physics group. Danielle came and got to meet my study group as we did an NU ID passback (yes, a passback, but for a library). We walked down State street and had an outside dinner at Quartino. Over wine and bruschetta and pizza we talked and talked about how we are living out our dreams, grad school in the city, and how far we have come since the pre-health professions meeting our freshman year in undergrad. We talked about relationships and God, and what we should start doing and what we should probably stop (like negative thoughts that take over). I walked away from that dinner super-filled from love and friendship. One of those things where I just was reminded how great God and His people are.




Saturday I studied from 10 am to 10 pm, BUT there were study breaks in there. My day started with an 8 mile run by the water, then roof-studying in the sun, then an Urban Outfitters run-through on my way to meet a classmate for lunch. Then I was in the library with Kali, writing on whiteboards and drawing spinal nerves, until I got Panera with another classmate and studied until 10 pm. Thankful for classmates to study with, thankful for what study breaks are, and thankful to study and learn about things that I have such a passion for. I am also beyond thankful that I live in Chicago, and that my walks to and from school and my runs are done within buildings and by water. This place really is my Emerald City.

IMG_5289 IMG_5287 IMG_5285 IMG_5284



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