So I don’t really have time to blog…

But I want to remember what my first week of physical therapy school felt like! This is where I am right now: I love love love school. Every class is physical therapy centered. We have our super science-y classes, anatomy and physiology and kinesiology, but we also have more discussion and hands-on learning classes, where we are already learning about documentation and practicing clinical decision making and learning the psychosocial side of patient care. I look out side our classroom window and all I see is buildings. I swear the window washers come by every day, (I didn’t know the windows of high rises got washed that often?). I get to class half an hour early to get my ideal seat. Yes, my classmates all get there that early too. I started out sitting in the fourth row, by the window. Then I found out that the people around me were a little too much for me, typing every single word the professor said, and double checking homework lists between every break. So I moved back to row ten, surrounded by super chill and happy people ! I love it back there. And sometimes the professors tend to come to that side to speak from, so the front people have to turn their heads around, and I sneakily have a front-row spot. (The little things that make me happy).  We are the first class going paperless, and all-iPad, which is really wonderful, because all I take to class is my little iPad.

IMG_5225 IMG_5231 IMG_5236 IMG_5253

All week I stayed positive and calm, checking off my list of things to read and study and memorize and upload at the library each night. By Friday, I have to say that I was exhausted, and I did cry a lot on Friday and Saturday. Overwhelmed, but doing it, and loving it. PT school is very hard! Every night I make sure I can go through the notes from that day, as I work on combining my classes in my brain. I know everything is really clicking when I can study in my brain as I walk or run (how nerdy is that?), but it so necessary for me to do! We are starting from square one, from basic cells, basic biomechanics, basic physical therapy skills, and everything will keep building.  I love how its all-about-physical-therapy. All about it ! Sometimes class is 8-3, sometimes 8-4, sometimes 8-5. 8-3 days seem like a vacation, and 8-5 days mean I have to run to Starbucks in one of our breaks in between classes. There is a Starbucks right across from our building, and we can make it to Starbucks and back in seriously five or six minutes.

Taking it one day at a time, and really working on staying relaxed and encouraged, especially after where I found myself this past weekend. Our pastor preached on my favorite scripture this past Sunday, Hebews 12, and a couple verses in particular stood out to me:

“Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees, make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled but healed” Hebrews 12:12-13

Of course, it is a little PT application too ! But it is very encouraging, because we all do need to strengthen our weak knees, our weak selves, our tired and exhausted selves.  Also, he pointed out that by letting ourselves being constantly discouraged and down, we can become disabled/dislocated in our spiritual lives, which we never want to happen! We do that by keeping our eyes up, on our Lord. He gives us strength and energy and thankfulness among busy days and full schedules.That is all for now, I have kines and physio to get through in the next couple hours before bed. Soon I will blog about my wonderful visitors I have had, Emily, Danielle, and my mom! All sweet visits. One more thing– we started the spinal cord today, which excites me so much, because it is the basis for neurological rehabilitation, and I recently have loved the idea of going into pediatric neurological rehabilitation. My heart is full just thinking about it!


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