May & June 


May and June were flower-crown making and wood-sign making bachelorette parties, Emily and Patrick’s Holland wedding, seeing Casey in GR and staying with Emily and Austin, and a rooftops Cub’s game with S.



michigan summer

In them middle of July, it was (finally) time for a Michigan summer. S and I flew home to Traverse City for 5 days and it was wonderful. Cedar Lake, Leland, our favorite restaurants and recipes cooked by my mom. We got rest and sun and lots of ice cream.

Meg had recently re-decorated my room and it felt like a beach cottage. One day my mom was golfing and S had a work call, so Katy and I just talked and swam for hours. Another day S and I swam in Lake Michigan and looked for sandbars so I could show him what they were. Meg took pictures the whole time and hosted a get-together so we could see more family. Thankful for time at home, vacation, and seeing loved ones!

It was also a treat to be home, in Michigan, in summer, and not planning our wedding! But, only part of me wants to hop back into the excitement and anticipation that was last summer. Lots of to-do, stress, and errands, but I can remember so vividly by previous August at home. It was so sweet too. Meg and I did daily errands, squeezed in pockets of time at the beach, ate ice cream nightly, and prayed for peace. So grateful that I do have those memories, among the stress.

restful weekend  

Our Sunday– 7 am Lake Michigan baptisms, breakfast sandwich patio date with Leah, then 2 adults caring for 9 babies in the children’s ministry, a make-your-own cookie sandwich on National Ice Cream day, ending the evening in our cozy apartment with candle lit. 

slow saturdays 

My favorite Saturdays are the slow ones. Today we were both awake at 8 but stayed in bed until 10. We talked and one of us (not S) fell back asleep and didn’t race out of bed and it was glorious. We had mutual gym workouts then wandered up and down our 2-block farmer’s market on the lookout for spinach.

We had our typical big breakfast of gluten free, banana-egg-oat pancakes (from Ambitious Kitchen), with eggs and coffee, then layed at our pool.

We ended our night downtown at Millenium Park listening to an orchestra on our gingham blanket with ice cream.

Our first married Christmas 

We flew home for 4 blissful, family-filled, cozy days! So thankful for time home with my mom and we wished it was longer. She greeted us with snacks and treats and drove 3 hours round trip. We spent our days prepping for parties though she had majority of it done. She makes Christmas so special because she keeps our traditions and our favorite foods. She even got S his own stocking! 


Love you mom. 

Cramming 4 of us into 3 seats. 

Driving by the Christmas lights. 

life lately 

Our daily breakfast out of mugs + mason jars! My favorite is when Sanjay and I overlap for even ten minutes to enjoy sips and spoonfuls together before work. 

Jonelle visited and we had hot chocolate at Three Arts Cafe! 

My morning routine of tree-lit and candle-burning. 

Brunch double dates at Orange. 

Division street errands and new boots on the right! 

Post-church snow.

Zoo Lights. 

Holiday parties. 


Suburb baby showers. 

Jackie came to visit and we watched Gilmore Girls and got lattes. 

Always cheese boards. 

Breakfasts in bed. 

Christmas goodies from Meg — so thoughtful. 

Navy Pier runs before it became winter. 

Our MA thanksgiving with sweet nephew. 
Life lately is full and wonderful!

chili and a (Cubs) cookie cake 

First of all, the Cubs just won game one in round two of playoffs! Second of all, we hosted our first dinner party with all our new dishes! This was our third time hosting people (meaning me cooking for other people), and it was so fun. We invited Erica and Josh and Jordan and Beck for a Friday night of food and connecting!

 I made chili and a goat cheese and fig salad with an apple cider vinegarette. I asked Erica to bring dessert and she brought a Cubs cookie cake and I can’t imagine a better dessert! 

We caught up around bowls of chili while   the guys watched the Cleveland Indians win their first game of the second round of playoffs, too. Then we ended our night all six of us on our sectional, answering hand-picked questions to facilitate conversation and connection between couples. We talked about how to best make our significant other feel loved, any new Christmas traditions we want to start, and two of our favorite dates we’ve had with each other. 

Sweet and filling night with lots of leftovers! Cute Halloween decor from my mom and Grandma Barb!